MD Designs

MD Designs, Inc. is excited to announce new ownership.


Effective in June of 2015 this family owned company, operating in since 1961, is now owned by the Arbuthnot family and current CFO Diane Dolenc. The Arbuthnot family includes Steven C. Arbuthnot, his wife Dr. Jane R. Arbuthnot, his daughter Lindsey Arbuthnot Clancey and his son Steven R. Arbuthnot. Steven C. will assume the responsibilities of President and CEO. Steven R. will serve as Vice President and focus on research and development and engineering. Diane Dolenc is a 23-year employee of MD Designs, Inc. and will continue to serve as Executive Vice President and CFO.

Steven C. Arbuthnot, an accountant by education, brings a 35-year career in corporate accounting and banking. Steven R. Arbuthnot is a 2010 graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jane, a graduate of Southern Illinois School of Medicine and Lindsey, who hold both undergraduate degrees and a Masters in Justice and Criminology from the University of Missouri, will serve on the board of directors.

This marks an exciting new beginning. The above leadership team is in the process of evaluating all aspects of the business. Products, processes, designs, marketing, delivery, quality, pricing, make up a long list of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the coming months.