MD Designs

Channel Displays

Cumulative recognition display designed with the flexibility to add or delete name plates, alphabetize, or categorize by the use of movable channel plates through vertical channel tracks.

Top bar unscrews & slides off for top access of plates.


Solid or veneer backing usually with solid molding which contains all metal included in display.

Can be made as wall mountable or free standing unit.

Base Materials Available

Wood (Walnut, Oak, Pine, Cherry, Maple)

Laminate (Formica/Wilson Art)

Solid Surface(Acrylic/3 Form/Corian)

2.5" Outside Margin Allowance on Large Bases

Base Dimensions round to the nearest .25"

Title Plate

One or more descriptive plates including text, logo, and/or illustration explaining purpose or identifying nature of award.

Channel Plate

Individual movable plate that slides vertically between metal tracks. 

Plates Available in Reverse & Deep Etched.

Personalized Plates

Identify awardees, donors, or categories.

Blank Plates

Etched but non-personalized plates designed into display to allow for addition of future personalized plates. Removed and kept by customer as personalized plates are ordered and placed into display. These plates usually represent 40 - 50% of total channel plate area when display is designed.

Note: Blank Plates Cannot Be Re-Etched!

Plate Size

Minimum Size: 3.5" Wide x .5" Tall

Maximum Size: 7" Wide x 1.25" Tall

Channel Plate Sizes Available

3.5" x .5"

3.5" x .75"

3.5" x 1.25"

4" x .75"

4" x 1"

4" x 1.25"

4.5" x .75"

4.5" x 1"

4.5" x 1.25"

5" x 1"

5" x 1.25"

6" x 1"

6" x 1.25"

7" x 1"

7" x 1.25"

Channel Perimeter

Anodized aluminum strips of metal roughly 5/8" wide connected end to end forming a rectangle

Perimeter contains vertical parallel strips equidistant from each other

Acts as the mounting mechanism for the channel plates.

Color toned to match metal used in display. 

Perimeter Size

Maximum Plates in a Column: 50

Minimum Perimeter Height: 5"

Maximum Perimeter Width: 8'


Additional bases usually containing channel perimeter and channel plates which are mounted on the sides of or underneath the original channel display. Used when the original display is filled with personalized plates and extra space is needed for future personalized plates.

Please click the brochure cover below to download channel system brochure